SIR - We readers are often aware of the excellent journalistic skills demonstrated in the columns of the T&A each day.

However, apart from picking up the occasional regional and national awards, there are other heroes within the portals of Hall Ings. I refer here to the T&A photographers.

Not only do they have to work in sometimes difficult and sensitive circumstances, they also capture specific moments for us readers to picture scenes about which we would otherwise be unaware.

So why, after so many years, have I bothered to publicly make mention of this?

The picture (T&A, November 20) where police personnel were comforting each other at the anniversary of PC Sharon Beshenivsky's death encapsulated not only the emotion of the event but also demonstrated that, despite their hard exteriors, police personnel have feelings too.

So, hats off to Mike Simmonds. This picture will undoubtedly win an award, and rightly so.

John Tempest, PO Box 163, Bradford