SIR - Congratulations to Mailway Packaging for having the expertise to design and produce a microwavable cup for the makers of Moment Du Chocolat.

It's good to see a Bradford company is considered to be one of the foremost contract packers in the UK.

However, I have to question whether such a sophisticated cup-in-cup is really necessary when manufacturers and supermarkets are asked to reduce packaging and the public are asked to use less energy.

Previous resources are being squandered to manufacture things we could all manage without and don't really need.

For instance, does Uncle Fred really need a card of 50 button batteries just because his watch has stopped? Yes, perhaps it's cheaper than having a battery fitted at the market stall, but what does he do with the other 49?

Currently a leading razor manufacturer is advertising its latest product: a razor that has six blades? Real men should be able to manage with an old Bowie knife like Crocodile Dundee and me.

David Oyston, Ryelands Avenue, Gilstead