SIR - May I thank you for your fair and balanced report on the protest by Bradfordians at the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland.

But you erred in one respect, when you referred in two subsequent reports to the protesters being students.

Well, I suppose I could be described as a student of life, and it is true that all of us, old and young, were inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment of those supposedly belonging to an apathetic generation. But I was not the only protester in his seventies: one was aged 82!

At one stage, as the police wagon filled with people well past the student age, we began to wonder if the police were actually picking off us old 'uns!

We are now, young and old, gearing up for a national blockade of the Aldermaston atomic weapons establishment on December 11.

I was on the first Aldermaston march, but since then it has been ruled that Britain is in breach of the Non-Proliferation Treaty by continuing to develop its so-called independent nuclear deterrent (which is actually controlled by the US).

Karl Dallas, Church Green, Bradford