SIR - It's getting very confusing, isn't it?

Almost every week the T&A prints reports where Ann Cryer MP and Philip Davies MP are in complete agreement.

When you consider that the honourable Labour MP for Keighley comes from its Leftish wing, while the equally honourable Tory MP for Shipley comes from its Rightish wing, then you can see why it gets so baffling.

But behind the party rhetoric, it becomes clear that both these local MPs enjoy an unusual level of common sense and a preparedness to use it, traits quite rare in most of their fellows.

Whenever they concur, you can almost feel the combined heads of Greater Bradford's population nodding in agreement too.

Perhaps we should encourage these two like-minds to take their attributes to a higher level and form the Common Sense Party'.

Such a move may echo the recent TV series with Jane Horrocks as a novice Prime Minister but, with Cryer and Davies's record to date, this must surely be a winner.

And, as PM Pritchard' even proposed moving Parliament itself to Bradford, then what have we got to lose?

Graham Hoyle, Kirkbourne Grove, Baildon