SIR - Regarding the article about Coun Brian Hudson (T&A, November 15), he is right to say that it was a national issue which needs national answers.

There appears to have been very little force used by Mr Hudson and the case was quite rightly thrown out of court.

This incident contrasts with another that was reported recently, where a woman disturbed a burglar in her bedroom.

She hit him with a sauce pan and chased him oust of the house. The burglar fled on a pedal cycle but the woman caught him and held him.

In court he admitted burglary and the judge said: "I suspect many right-thinking members of the public regret she didn't hit you harder."

I realise the latter case was more serious than the former but it appears from these incidents that women are allowed to use more force than men to protect themselves.

This incident of Mr Hudson's could discourage men from interfering where another person is being robbed or assaulted in public.

It should be made clear to people the amount of force they can use to protect themselves and their property.

Malcolm D Ridley, Mount Terrace, Eccleshill