SIR - During the long eight months of an expensive, untrue, and malicious charge of assault that was made against me, many people from all walks of life, including trusted colleagues at Keighley Town Council, other organisations on which I serve, many constituents at of my ward, even complete strangers have approached me with gestures of affection, solidarity and anger at the way I was treated.

Such an outpouring of support towards me and all my family has been totally overwhelming.

That I have now been fully exonerated on what has proved to my mind to be a flawed accusation makes obvious what I have always said about this attempt to blacken my character.

The truth and lies of this endeavour must be exposed.

My own terrifying experience of facing such a baseless charge of assault has resulted in people urging me to create a dossier of others, who, like myself, may have found themselves being unfairly prosecuted for defending themselves and their property from today's yobs and criminals. Get in touch.

Coun Brian Hudson, 33 Bronte Drive, Oakworth