Our centre spread today based on Baildon people's reaction to the fire which badly damaged the village's C of E Primary School should bring home to anyone contemplating such a senseless, destructive attack just how devastating it can be.

It is not yet known what the motives for arson were - whether revenge, wanton vandalism or simply crass stupidity - but whatever the reason there can be no excuse for it and the person or people responsible for it should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions.

It's clear from the reaction of parents, children, staff and residents just how much distress such destruction can cause to a small community in which both adults and children alike are fully aware of the benefits of education and want to be able to make the most of it.

Many of the people who we feature today have spontaneously sent comments to our website explaining how deeply hurt and angered they are by the damage caused last weekend. Not only are they shocked by the pointlessness of the attack but they are considerably alarmed by the disruption it will cause to the education of innocent children, some of whom have written of their worries about the effect on their ability to pass their forthcoming SATS test and on other course work.

It is a stark reminder of the human ramifications of this sort of cowardly, mindless or malicious action. We can only hope it will deter others from following such a course.