SIR - Having read about the treatment meted out to the former members of Bradford Police by a civilian employee (T&A, November 10) when they turned up for a meeting of retired officers, I was appalled no-one had seen fit to seek his dismissal.

Here was the best support any police department could wish for being alienated by someone who is not fit to lick the boots of any one of them.

I know and have served with every single one of those who were abused and I can only say that it is a good job that he was speaking to those who have been trained to deal with outbursts of this kind.

Had it been that he had been addressing members of the public not so astute, then the outcome could have been altogether different. I did note the semi-apology for the incident came from a senior officer and not from the person alleged to have made the insulting remarks. Would it not have been more appropriate for it to have been from the offender?

If this is the type of individual now being recruited to represent my former profession, I am pleased I no longer serve.

Alan Pickles, Heather Court, Park Road, Bingley