SIR - It's great Bradford's carbon emissions are a third lower than the national average (T&A, November 15).

Environment portfolio holder Coun Anne Hawkesworth is right to take credit for this.

The Council's Green group applauds the way officers are promoting energy efficiency and introducing sustainable energy technologies.

Nonetheless, the need to cut UK carbon emissions by 90 per cent by 2030 requires more ambitious action locally as well as nationally.

Bradford Council is aiming to cut its carbon footprint' by 20 per cent, yet Woking Council has already cut its own emissions by 77 per cent.

Our recycling rate is half those of the best-performing councils in the UK and the Council still buys most of its electricity from nuclear, oil, coal and gas fired power stations. In contrast, neighbouring Kirklees Council will now buy nearly all of its power from carbon-free renewables.

We are doing a lot, but we are not yet "leading the way" in the fight to stabilise the climate. To do so, Bradford Council must review its energy procurement as a matter of urgency and invest in renewables.

Coun Kevin Warnes (Green, Shipley) Moorhead Terrace, Shipley