SIR - A report (T&A, November 14) said at least 40 councils, including Bradford, have launched a bid to take a leading role in tackling anti-social behaviour and that these authorities have been invited to apply for special status and funds to become a "Respect Action Area".

This initiative has been launched by Tony Blair who claims it is a personal crusade to restore "Respect" as part of his retirement legacy.

Let us consider when "It" was lost and how long ago? I suggest we return to the era of Harold Wilson, when his Government introduced the 1966 Education Act which commenced the abolishment of corporal punishment and discipline in schools.

Since then teachers have been under increasing pressure in dealing with deteriorating behaviour in the classroom.

Many believe lack of respect is caused by lack of discipline in the home. Doubtless correct, but how can the parents and grandparents of today's out-of-control youth be expected to teach what was denied them when they were at school?

There are now three generations who have gone through the state school system since those lofty Labour politicians imposed their idealistic plans upon our society.

Alan Chapman, Old Gawthorpe, Beck Lane, Bingley