SIR – Did readers catch the story of Maisy, the dog trained to alert its child and her family to the child’s low blood-sugar levels? They were also discussing dogs’ ability to be alert for other diseases.

We are now beginning to realise how much untapped potential these animals have, and this poses the questions about cats and various other animals used in the grim world of animal testing, People will argue about the need for medical advancement. Well, there are organisations such as the humane research trust that works on alternatives to the use of animals, such as donated human tissue.

What about all the many products that are tested on animals – household goods, beauty products? Do we really need the various washing powders that all claim to wash whiter then white, and all the other products?

The ones that have not being tested on animals will say so and also carry the leaping bunny logo. These companies will only listen if we vote with our money and the choices we make.

I know how I will be choosing.

Suzanne Kirk, Ashmount, Bradford