Sir – We are just beginning to hear about the impact of the weather on farmed animals and, as expected, the news is not good.

Thousands of sheep are dying in the freezing conditions, including new-born lambs. Many more are having to be dug out of the snow. Other animals are facing starvation as they cannot get to grass and farmers are unable to reach them with feed.

While this may sound like an unfortunate consequence of extreme and unseasonal weather, farming practices are playing a large part in this ongoing tragedy.

Wild animals move to find shelter and food under such conditions, but farmed animals are prevented from doing so by fences, walls and gates. Over-stocking of fields also means that what little food there is has to be shared between too many animals.

This current crisis shows that even free-range farming leads to appalling animal suffering. The only way to ensure that your food is truly cruelty-free is to adopt a 100 per cent plant-based diet.

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Ben Martin, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge