SIR - I read with interest Keith Rayner's "What's new about global warming?" (T&A, In My View, November 3) and how I agree with all he says.

I should just like to add my recent observations. While the "greens" and jobsworths of the doom mongers make out it's those evil car drivers in this country who are polluting our lovely planet, the facts are startlingly different.

UK plc creates barely two per cent of "harmful" emissions from Earth plc. China and India both have rapid growing economies and their emissions leave us way behind.

However note how the "lefties" always blame President Bush and ignore China and India?

I heard an interesting statistic, not sure where it came from, that said if every motor vehicle (commercial as well as private) in this country were to never move again China would have replaced the saving' in 86 days.

As China is commissioning a new power station every single week I can believe that.

So where is the green intelligensia in condemning China?

Coun Roger Taylor (Con, Northowram and Shelf) Glen Terrace, Halifax