SIR - Keith Rayner questions the strategy of Britain setting more stringent environmental standards if other countries do not follow suit, (T&A, In My View, November 3).

Certainly, unless the USA, China and India show a similar commitment to observing strict environmental standards, our own actions will have a limited effect, but this must not be used as a convenient excuse to avoid our responsibilities.

Furthermore, Britain's initiatives to outwardly accept more rigorous environmental standards may act as an example and stimulus for other countries to follow.

Mr Rayner is correct to observe that over the vast aeons of time the Earth's temperature has varied from the Ice Age to very hot temperatures.

However, it is widely agreed from extrapolated evidence that the current rate of warming vastly exceeds previous changes and this phenomenon cannot be accounted for by natural cycles of temperature variations.

If this is the case, then the only explanation would be that our actions are responsible for this current accelerated warming!

All those in doubt regarding climate change ought to view An Inconvenient Truth, as presented by Al Gore, the former Vice-President of the USA.

Alec Suchi, Allerton Road, Bradford