SIR - Approximately two years ago the Telegraph & Argus covered the proposed closure not only of the Central Post Office in Bradford, but the closure of local post offices.

At that time I was secretary of the Forum Focused on Pensioner Power who supported the T&A and indeed I was invited by the Post Office Workers' Union to present a case against the closures in defence of the elderly.

I was invited to speak at St George's Hall on the same platform as Marsha Singh MP. Our group collected 4,000 signatures opposing the closures, which was presented to the Post Office Workers' Union representative.

What a pity votes weren't collected from across the country along with ours from Bradford's pensioners, who are the worst hit.

If other papers had been as quick to condemn the closures, then maybe we wouldn't be in this sorry state now.

Audrey Raistrick, Westgate, Eccleshill