SIR - Oversensitive Muslims and nave liberal whites continue to berate Jack Straw, and now Trevor Phillips.

I would like to put a new slant on the veil issue, namely the women's desire to wear it over their faces.

As a Muslim I am aware that some women prefer to wear it over their face, despite no pressure from men or the Koran. But I question their motivation on wearing such an uncomfortable, unnecessary and unflattering garment over their face if they are not forced to.

I believe fervently that the reason they do is for an empty-headed political statement of fundamentalism, in effect a two-finger salute to a British society they pretend to despise.

It's all empty rhetoric and the sooner that their apologists accept this the better.

Britain's been very kind to Muslims, allowing us to build many mosques, sometimes with very sympathetic planning permission, allowing children and workers to enjoy Eid festivals and having many cultural/religious initiatives.

I think it's great that public figures are now beginning to challenge the politically incorrect' mantra and speak the truth.

M Zafa, Fairbank Road, Bradford