SIR - I was pleased to see the article about the change in funding for Education Bradford to adjust to the demands created by some of the new languages among children in our schools (T&A, November 4).

This is something the Council needs to address too, which is why my group put a motion to Council asking for the executive to commission a report into the language needs of people from the new EU countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I have also followed this up with questions to the Council leader asking for clarification about when the report is going to be presented.

There are now many people missing out on services in this district because the language and interpretation facilities are inadequate. I have, for instance, referred a number of Slovak children to Education Bradford who have been unable to attend school.

I give full praise to Education Bradford in addressing this issue, but the Council is still dragging its heels and needs to put real funding into proper in-house interpretation facilities in order to ensure real equality of access among all communities in this city.

Coun David Ford (Green, Heaton), City Hall, Bradford