SIR - May I express my disgust at the sneak thieves who entered the large porch area at St Luke's Church, Eccleshill and stole from a disability scooter, parked there while its owner was attending the day centre held in the narthex of St Luke's Church, his coat, containing keys and a parcel containing his tea.

To the thief - was it worth it? You didn't get much did you, but the trouble you caused wouldn't worry you, would it?

We had to call his son who had to leave work to bring a warm coat so his 82-year-old dad could ride his motor scooter home, obtain spare house keys, then organise a change of locks, plus something for tea.

I wish you could be found and made to pay for the trouble and inconvenience you caused.

I hope you get paid back - what goes around, comes around' - remember that.

June Sherwin, Day Centre co-ordinator, St Luke's Church, Eccleshill, Heygate Close, Baildon