SIR - On Thursday my wife and I visited the Pictureville Cinema where we saw one of the most disturbing films we have seen in a long time.

It moved me so much I felt I should write to you to publicise what we saw. It was the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth.

He told, in stark terms, the facts about global warming and how it will effect everyone in the whole world in the not-too-distant future. One of the facts he presented was that scientists no longer disagree about global warming.

A survey of 983 papers on the subject was conducted and all reached the same conclusion.

I would urge everyone to see this film if at all possible and as soon as possible.

I noticed on the news that Tony Blair in Finland made global warming the main topic of his opening speech to the rest of the EU leaders.

We need to raise a greater awareness with the general public and stir councils and individuals into action. Apathy is our main enemy.

Can I also recommend for much more information on the subject?

B G Welsh, Glen Road, Baildon