SIR - How encouraging to read the letter from a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance on the importance of retaining our local, small post offices (T&A, October 26).

There's huge support for this and we must all ensure that yet another important community service isn't to be lost.

It's doubly pleasant to see that, in addition, the Alliance has come of age in concentrating on such worthwhile issues instead of making pathetic last efforts to stop the inevitable criminalisation of bloodsports which, thankfully, has now occurred.

So almost all is well in the rural sector apart, of course, from this dreadful carry on in The Archers where the canny Ruth, played by Felicity Finch, pictured, has allowed herself (at the time of writing) almost to be seduced by odd job man Sam.

My reaction is simply "Oh no," in the best I can manage of a Geordie accent.

Sid Brown, Glenhurst Road, Shipley