A FORMER semi-professional trumpet player has died aged 92.

Ernest Clewer, of Keighley, died in Airedale General Hospital following a short illness.

The Telegraph & Argus reported on Mr Clewer's plight early last year after he had to wait nearly two hours for an ambulance after falling and breaking his hip outside his home in December 2014.

He was taken to Airedale where he underwent hip replacement surgery the following day.

His wife, Elaine, said her husband had rarely been able to leave their home at Hillworth Village following the accident.

Mr Clewer was born in Keighley, and following a short stint working for a greengrocer took up an apprenticeship at the firm Dean Smith & Grace.

His engineering skills saw him drafted into the post-war occupation forces in Italy from 1945.

Outside his engineering job, music had been his life. He was from a musical family and he played the trumpet for no fewer than 54 bands between the ages of 14 and 36.

"He got a chance to go professional at one point," said Mrs Clewer. "But he was only 19 at the time and he thought it was more important to finish his apprenticeship.

Mr and Mrs Clewer lived in Goulborne Street and Malsis Road before moving to Hillworth Village.

Mr Clewer's funeral service was due to take place today, February 3, at Trinity Church in Fell Lane.