THERESA MAY has defended targets for the removal of illegal immigrants as she confirmed the practice was in place when she was home secretary.

And last night one member of the Windrush generation - Kenny Wil;liams of Little Horton - called on her to go.

Mrs May made Sajid Javid Home Secretary after Amber Rudd quit, admitting she “inadvertently” misled MPs over Government targets for removing illegal migrants.

Mrs May said: “When I was home secretary, yes, there were targets in terms of removing people from the country who were here illegally. This is important. If you talk to members of the public they want to ensure that we are dealing with people who are here illegally.”

Mr Corbyn said Ms Rudd had been the “human shield” for the Prime Minister.

As well as the row over targets on migrant removals, Ms Rudd had also been battling intense criticism over the Windrush scandal, which has seen people from a Caribbean background denied access to benefits and healthcare or threatened with deportation despite decades of residence in the UK.

Mr Williams, 58, of Curlew Street, on the Canterbury estate, Little Horton, was nine-years-old when he arrived at Heathrow Airport as part of the Windrush generation. The Telegraph and Argus reported last week how he quit his job in 2007 because of changes to immigration laws.

The ordeal forced him to beg on the streets and rely on his siblings for money.

He said: “It’s right she has gone. For a professional person in that job she should have done better.

“Theresa May should have resigned because she must have known what was going on. How can someone like that carry on after a mistake like this?”

Ms Rudd became the fifth enforced departure from the Cabinet since last year’s snap general election and stepped down the evening before she was due to make a statement in the House of Commons.

Mr Javid vowed to make sure people caught up in the Windrush fiasco are treated with “decency and fairness” as he arrived at the Home Office to take up his new job.