UK households will be looking at all the different ways they can to save money on their bills admist the current cost-of-living crisis.

Ahead of Water Saving Week (May 17-21) the bathroom fitting company have pulled together a few tips to help save over £300 on your water bills, as well as saving water in the process.

Dominic Lees-Bell, bathroom expert at said: “Whilst we don’t want you to stop enjoying your downtime in the shower or bath, we can all make a difference with a few adjustments.

"We’ve revealed some helpful tips to cut down on water in the bathroom, which benefits the planet and your pockets with savings of up to £303”.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Shortening the length of your shower is one way to save money (Canva)Shortening the length of your shower is one way to save money (Canva)

4 tips to help save money on your water bills

Save £118 by installing a water-saving shower head 

Aerator shower heads combine water with air, creating larger droplets of water and giving the feeling of more water than there is.

These showerheads use up to 50% less water, so you can cut your showering costs in half and save a nice £118 over a year.

Save £88 by taking a 5 minute shower

The average person spends 8 minutes in the shower, using 62 litres of water. However, did you know by just cutting down your showering time by 3 minutes you could save 23 litres of water? Over a year you could save £88 in water and energy bills. 

Not sure how to cut down your showering time to 5 minutes? Well, a good way to keep track of time is by creating a 5-minute playlist.

Of course, you could set yourself a timer, but who doesn’t love a good sing in the shower? It’s also a good idea to have your bathroom organised and ready to go, so you’re not wasting time looking for your toiletries!

Turn the water off whilst you shave and save £59

It takes about two minutes to shave and, in that time, you would have wasted 15.6 litres of water. Why not turn the shower off whilst you shave and save £59 annually in water and energy bills?

You could use a bucket, jug or any type of container and place it in the shower to collect water. Then, when you turn off the shower to shave, use your collected water to rinse your razor. 

Save £38 by plugging the drain whilst waiting for the water to turn hot

In some households, it can take as long as a minute before your water turns hot. If you don’t have the plug in, you could waste as much as 10 litres of water.

Therefore, rather than waiting for your water to turn hot and letting all that water (and money!) go down the drain keep your drain plugged and adjust the temperature whilst the bath runs, saving you £37.95 annually.