The brewery and pub chain BrewDog and the gourmet vegan sweets business Candy Kittens have partnered up to release a new beer.

It is a 6% ABV, New England IPA that packs in all the fruity, juicy flavour notes of Candy Kittens’ Raspberry and Guava Gourmies sweets, alongside layers of wheat and oats for a refreshing summer drink.

The beer will be vegan to match with Candy Kittens' sustainability goals, and will be pink in colour.

Lauren Carrol, Director of Brand & Marketing at BrewDog, said: “We love to team up with exciting, bold brands at BrewDog, and the tempting lure of tart raspberries and tropical guava was a fruity, juicy partnership we couldn’t resist. We can’t wait for fellow punks and new sweet fans alike to try our soon-to-be summer favourite.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The new beer will come in 440ml cans (Brewdog/Candy Kittens)The new beer will come in 440ml cans (Brewdog/Candy Kittens)

Jamie Laing, co-founder of Candy Kittens said: "It was great to unite with a brand that shares our sustainability goals, and we can’t wait for everyone to try our new Candy Kittens BrewDog beer.

"Candy Kittens fans love great tasting, adventurous products, so we’re super excited to introduce them to another unique and surprising offering."

Where to buy the BrewDog Candy Kittens beer

The Candy Kittens beer by BrewDog is available to purchase now on their website, with one can (440ml) costing £3.25 and a four pack costing £11.75.

It is also available to buy in Sainsbury's.

Visit the BrewDog website here to order the new Candy Kittens beer.