National Offer Day is one that can be full of trepidation as parents hope their child gets into their preferred primary school.

It takes place on Tuesday, April 19 in England this year, three days later than it would in a typical year.

This is because in 2022 it collides with the Easter Bank Holiday, meaning that correspondence can be expected to be received on the next working day.

When are UK bank holidays in 2022?

England has a different system to Scotland which allocate their spots automatically by the local authority and without a preference system for parents.

Here's how you can appeal the decision regarding a primary school place if you did not get what you want.

How to appeal your child's primary school place

As reported by The Mirror, you can appeal to the local authority if you aren't happy with the school you have been allocated - but be wary that these cut-off dates vary from council to council.

This is usually 10 days from when the offers get handed out.

The government says: "If a parent wants to appeal, they should first contact the school’s admission authority. The school’s admission authority is responsible for establishing the appeal panel, but the panel itself is an independent body.

"The appeal panel must come to its own independent conclusion as to whether the school should admit the child, having regard to the case presented by both the admission authority and the parent."