On Thursday, the final of The Apprentice saw two businesswomen battle it out to win a huge investment from Lord Sugar.

In the final was Harpreet Kaur and Kathryn Burn, hoping to win £250,000 and become Lord Sugar's business partner.

Kaur, 30, from West Yorkshire, managed to win over the business mogul in the final episode. 

She already owns two dessert parlours, Barni's, in Leeds and Huddersfield, which she co-owns with her sister. 

In the final episode of The Apprentice, Kaur pitched her business under the name Oh So Yum!


Speaking about winning the show and convincing Lord Sugar that her sister's involvement in the business wasn't an issue, Kaur said: “For me, you know, me and my sister have built this business to the state that it’s already at and we both add that value.

“But going through The Apprentice process, it was just me and me alone. So I felt that I managed to prove to Lord Sugar that I’ve got enough standing regardless and can make a success out of anything, even if I’m stood on my own.

“So actually, I felt that it was only a benefit that I have actually got someone else on board within the company that is gonna help supercharge that growth. But I felt that through the process, he could see that I am investable as a person, even just by myself, so I didn’t see it as a risk.”

After winning the show, Kaur said she plans to “take over the dessert world,” and expand the business alongside her sister.

Kaur also revealed how she plans to celebrate her success, saying: “I’m going to get one of my cookie pies, I’m going to slice it up, I’m going to warm it up and I’m going to eat it all to myself.

“Once I’ve done that, I’ll be back at work.”