Thousands of vaccination workers and volunteers are being asked to sign up to help with the national Covid-19 vaccination program. 

To mark the anniversary of one year since the first person in the world received a Covid vaccination, the NHS has launched a recruitment drive for volunteers and paired staff.

Margaret Keenan was the first person to receive a Pfizer jab in Coventry launching the biggest vaccination drive in history. 

Since the first jab over 51 million first doses of vaccine have been given in the UK, as well as a further 46 million second doses and 20 million extra doses. 

Across the country, there are now nearly 3,000 vaccine sites staffed by over 92,000 NHS staff who have given over 1.9 million hours to help protect millions. 

Nearly 10,000 new roles are being advertised included vaccinations, admin, and healthcare support workers. 

The Royal Voluntary Service and St John's are also working with NHS to help support more than 42,000 volunteers. 

Last week the Prime Minister announced that health services would offer booster shots to adults in England before the end of January in response to the new Omicron variant.

You can get your vaccine by booking online through the National Booking Service or by calling 119, and GP practices are also inviting those who are eligible.