Popular fast-food chicken chain KFC has launched its own Christmas-themed pyjamas and robes. 

The red cotton PJs are on sale for £39.99 and have embroidered details of a gravy boat monogram and white piping. 

The PJs also say "It's All Gravy" on the top pocket.

KFC also has the posh kimono dressing gown up for £37.99 that has KFC's trademark shade of red and similar embroidered details. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The items are limited-edition. (KFC)The items are limited-edition. (KFC)

You'll have to be quick though if you want the new set as KFC has confirmed that the PJ and robe collection is limited-edition and will only be available for this Christmas period. 

The new clothing items are on sale now to go along with the launch of the festive menu item, the return of the KFC Gravy Burger Box meal. 

Last year the gravy box meal created a lot of commotion as fans of the food were in shock that the brand introduced a burger you could pour gravy on to. 

The Christmas chicken gravy burger even got its own Channel 4 documentary. 

You can buy the limited-edition Christmas-themed KFC PJ and robes via the KFC website.