Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile customers have reported outage issues with their TV and streaming services.

Reports first began to appear on Down Detector, a service for reporting website outages, around 10.37am on Thursday, December 2.

Customers have reported receiving the error code v53.

The outage on Virgin Media is currently affecting 63 per cent of customers trying to watch TV while 19 per cent have reported a "total blackout", Down Detector reports.

The Virgin Media outage is affecting customers across the country, according to Down Detector.

"Tv down in Lincoln," one customer wrote.

While another Virgin Media customer said: "TV down in Sunderland. I can access recorded programmes."

18 per cent of customers are experiencing issues with Virgin Media's TV streaming services.

It comes after outages on Natwest and RBS' mobile banking apps meant many customers were unable to access their accounts online.

Virgin Media on 'service issues'

Customers took to Twitter to share reports of their issues with Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Media has been responding to customers and reassuring customers that it is "aware of an issue affecting TV services".

The broadband company is working hard to resolve the issue "as quickly as possible".

Responding to one customer, Virgin Media said: "Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing some service issues. We’re aware of an issue currently affecting TV services and are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible."

When will Virgin Media be back up?

The latest update from Virgin Media suggests issues with channels will be fixed by this afternoon.

But there is not currently "a precise completion time" available for affected Virgin Media customers.

Under a pinned tweet about the Virgin Media channel outage, a spokesperson said: "Our engineers are working flat out to fix this asap but we currently we do not have a precise completion time. We are working towards having this resolved this afternoon."

The spokesperson added: "We’re aware of an issue currently affecting TV services and are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible."

What is Virgin Media fault code s102?

If you are a Virgin Media customer are you receive the error code s102, this means your TiVo box is unable to acquire channel information, according to Virgin Media's website.

What does error v53 mean?

Error v53 means 'this channel is currently unavailable', according to Virgin Media's website.

What is Virgin Media code c133?

c133 means there was an error connecting to the Virgin Media service, according the Virgin Media's website.

Issues accessing TV channels 

People subscribing to Virgin's TV services lost ITV channels mid-morning with BBC and Sky channels following shortly after.

One Twitter user recently wrote: "Hmmm. I now seem to have lost all my channels, @virginmedia".