The Apple HomePod mini is now available and people want to know more about it. 

Alongside the original black and white colours, the speakers are now available in orange, yellow and blue. 

It was originally released by Apple in 2020 but the new colours have arrived just in time for Black Friday and the festive period. 

But is it as good as its Amazon counterpart, Alexa or any other smart speaker? We've rounded up some reviews for you so you know what to expect.

What features are included with the Apple HomePod mini?

  • Connectivity: WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth
  • Smart Assistant: Siri
  • Weight: .76lb
  • Dimensions: 3.9" W, 3.3" H
  • Device needed to connect: iOS
  • 360 degree speaker 

Apple HomePod mini reviews 

Reviews for the HomePod mini are generally good and there are lots of pros to this compact smart speaker. 

It is priced from a very affordable £89 and comes with Apple's quality sound and hi-tech specification. says: "While the Mini version certainly can’t compete with the rumbling bass its older sibling can produce, it sounds bigger than its size.

"It’s probably more reasonable to compare this speaker's sound with that of the 4th-gen Echo than with the Echo Dot, the latter of which is about the same size as the HomePod Mini.

"This new HomePod almost seems like a speaker twice its size that’s been hit with a shrink ray."

Multiple speakers can be connected together to create a surround-sound effect and allows you to play your favourite music in different rooms in the house. 

What Hi-Fi? writes: "It’s also affordable enough to be bought in quantity, small enough to be placed in any room of the house, laden with smart skills and has an uncanny ability to introduce you to new music you’ll love.

"All of which makes it a deeply impressive proposition indeed."

However, there is a downside that Android users cannot set up the deivce as it needs an iOS device to connect to.

In addition, if you do not use HomeKit friendly devices, Siri won't be able to turn your lights on or off or control any smart devices around the house. 


Where can I buy the HomePod? 

There are lots of different options for buying the HomePod mini. 


BT has all five colours on offer from £89 and comes with a one year warranty. 

It has a bundle deal available, with the HomePOd in white and a 2m lighting charge cable for £98.99. 

Buy from BT here. is selling the HomePod in all five colours from £89.

They have a price match promise and you can sign up for email alerts if they go out of stock. 

Buy from here. 


EE has the HomePod mini on sale for customers to add to their plan for just £8 a month across 11 months. 

There is no upfront cost and it also includes a £20 discount voucher.

Buy from EE here.  


O2 customers can also buy the HomePod mini as part of their plan and non-customers can buy it outright for £99.

If adding to your plan, you can choose how many months to spread the cost over and it will include six months of Apple Music for free. 

Buy from O2 here.