Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will self-isolate after one of his children tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday.

His household will now enter a 10-day period of isolation to limit the spread of the virus.

A spokesman for Keir Starmer said: “One of Keir’s children tested positive for Covid this lunchtime. In line with the rules, Keir and his family will now be self-isolating.

“Keir was already doing daily tests and tested negative this morning. He will continue to take daily tests.”

It comes hours after Mr Starmer branded Boris Johnson a “super-spreader” of confusion during a chaotic Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Labour leader warned the country faces a “summer of chaos” as he highlighted policy changes over isolation exemptions for people pinged by the NHS app and vaccine passports for nightclubs.

Speaking in the Commons, Sir Keir said: “Everything may be calm from the Prime Minister’s country retreat but back here the truth is we’re heading for a summer of chaos.”

Referring to the crowded group of Tories on the Government benches, Sir Keir said: “There’s a lot of noise, I hope they’ve all got their NHS app on.”

Sir Keir said one million children were out of school last week while a “huge number” of businesses are closing due to staff isolating.

He highlighted confusion over the isolation exemption list before adding: “I know the Prime Minister likes to govern by three-word slogans, I think ‘on the hoof’ might work pretty well.”

Mr Johnson hit back: “He wants to keep this country, as far as I understand his position, in lockdown.”

Sir Keir went on to highlight changes over policy, adding: “When it comes to creating confusion, the Prime Minister is a super-spreader.

“Why is it OK to go to a nightclub for the next six weeks without proof of a vaccine or test, and then from September it will only be OK to get into a nightclub if you’ve got a vaccine ID card?”

Mr Johnson accused Sir Keir of trying to “score cheap political points” and noted: “Everybody can see we have to wait until the end of September, by which time it is only fair to the younger generation, when they will all have got the two jabs, before we consider something like asking people to be doubled jabbed before they can go into a nightclub.

“That’s blindingly obvious to everyone, it’s common sense.”

Mr Johnson said it would also “encourage” younger people to get jabs.

In his concluding remarks, Sir Keir said: “Isn’t it clear there’s only three words this Prime Minister needs to focus on: get a grip.”

Mr Johnson defended his record and claimed Sir Keir wants “some sort of perpetual lockdown”.

He said: “I’ll give him a three-word slogan.

“It’s ‘get a jab’. What we’re also doing is to help people get a job.