Car-hailing app Uber has issued an update to users across the country following a change in the law surrounding Coronavirus.

The owners of the service released a statement as laws changed in England regarding face masks and social distancing on Monday, July 19.

The update comes after a consultation with drivers and riders nationwide.

What have Uber said?

Ash Kebriti, Uber General Manager, UK said: “There is nothing more important than the safety of our drivers and the riders who use the Uber app.

"As cities continue to open up, we will ensure that face coverings or masks continue to be a mandatory requirement, unless exempt, when travelling with Uber across the UK.” 


What rules have Uber got in place to keep drivers and riders safe?

The firm has operated a 'No mask, no ride' policy during the pandemic.

Uber's policy page states: "Accountability is a 2-way street. Since the beginning of this pandemic, while we’ve focused on building technology and implementing policies that highlight shared accountability and mutual respect, you’ve been doing so much to help keep your communities safe. 

"One of Uber’s policies, which we announced in May [2020], is a mandatory mask policy."

It adds: "Mask Verification prompts users to take a photo of themselves before they can begin driving, delivering, or riding, and it uses our technology to verify that they’re wearing a mask.

"This will help enforce our mask policy among riders, drivers, and delivery people, and will, we hope, help you feel safer on our platform.

"Any rider reported for not wearing a mask will be required to take a selfie with their mask on before they can request their next trip

"If a rider continues to violate the mask policy, they risk being blocked from the Uber app."