A helpful optician has revealed some simple tips on how glasses wearers can keep their lenses clear while using a face mask.

From July 24, it will be compulsory to wear face coverings while shopping in England.

Boris Johnson has confirmed the new measure will be introduced, with fines of £100 - or £50 if paid within 14 days - issued to those flouting the rules.

But a number of people have been struggling to manage the masks, stating it causes their glasses to steam or fog up. 

Following the latest move, Gordon Kyle from of Miller and McClure Opticians, shared his three top tips to avoid steaming up your lenses.

He said: "I've seen it a lot where people's glasses are fogging up, there are a few things to think about".

Here are the three tips:

Mask behind glasses

Gordon suggests keeping the glasses on top of the mask, which acts almost as a seal keeping the mask tight to the top of the cheeks without pushing air towards the lenses.

Tissue paper

The optician suggested lining the top of the mask with tissue paper before putting it on. In his video, this almost completely stops any fog taking place.

Tie a knot

Gordon's third tip was to tie the mask on the string so it sits "almost like a package". By doing this, the mask sits in a nicer shape where the air is being pushed away from the glasses.

Watch the explainer video here:

What else?

The optician joked that anyone with contact lenses should consider using them.

He also advised against lining the lenses with household items, as seen online.

He said: “There has been chat online about using shaving foam, toothpaste and even methylated spirits but my concern is that it could cause long term damage to the lenses. 

“The other thing folk have mentioned for the lenses is washing up liquid. I’m just not convinced that it’s risk free."