A new Gillette advert telling men to be better is under fire for purportedly presenting an unfair view of male behaviour.

The razor and shaving products company's video posted to Twitter is captioned “'Boys will be boys'? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behaviour?"

The advert shows a number of news clips reporting on the #MeToo movement, as well as clips of toxic male behaviour such as pinching women's bums and fighting with each other, with the phrase 'Boys will be boys' over the top.

The message of the video is that men need to be better to teach the next generation to be 'real men'.

However some men, and women too, have taken offence at the advert's tone.

To say the backlash had got out of hand may be a slight understatement. Here is what some people are saying on Twitter.

The Great Earlgo IV said: "I thought 'gender stereotyping' was now not allowed in UK advertising!? ... Oh, I see! Unless it's about THE EVIL MALE?"

dronez said: "If they made a women's razor ad that discouraged gold-digging, nagging, being emotionally manipulative and made it clear that it wasn't referring to all women, I'm sure there would be backlash. Rightfully so."

Adam Oates said: "The assumption being that men - not a small number, but all men - are somehow in need of this message. Do you not understand how this might seem demeaning to the majority of men who are decent and caring?"

Arielguard said: "Now I'm glad I switched to wet shaving two years ago...way to attack your customers Gillette. You fools...."

However, there are also comments saying the men this advert is aimed at are the ones getting angry and shouting about how unfair it all is.

Kevyn King said: "The fact so many men here are genuinely offended by a commercial that isn't even targeting them in specific but rather how SOME men CAN act and how that itself is problematic is a perfect example of why commercials like these are needed sometimes. It's okay, it's not about you."

Steve Hanley said: "Totally agree. Well said guys. Any man offended and angry about this Ad or feeling threatened about his 'masculinity' should reflect on his everyday behaviors and try to find the source of that anger. #ForGodSakeGuysStopWhiningAndBeAGoodAndRespecfulMan"

Jennifer Harrison said: "Gillette: Don't be one of the s**t men, be one of the better men.

"S**t men replying here: How f***ing dare you attack me! Not buying Gillette anymore!"

Watch the advert below.

The question is...

Do the men need to stop being snowflakes? Or is this advert overtly offensive? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.