STUCK for a little bit of elf-spiration this Christmas with your Elf on the Shelf?

It's that time of the year again where parents send their children off to bed and then have to start stifling their giggles over their elf's latest bit of late night mischief.

Thousands of homes across the area have been getting involved with the tradition which sees families tell children Santa’s scout elves are sent to be Santa’s eyes and ears and help him manage his naughty or nice list.

And it seems every year parents are getting more and more creative with the positions children find their Christmas elves in the next morning.

But if you are struggling for ideas as we countdown to Christmas Day, we have put together some of our favourites this year.

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Please note: the Elf on the Shelf producers would like us to point out that not all the toys in these pictures are the genuine Elf on the Shelf brand'

Feeling toasty?

Pic credit: Tracy Mcnorton

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

I'm an elf..get me out of heeeeere!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

A 'carat' gold idea with Kevin and Katie the carrots

Pic credits: Rebecca Murray

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

They might give your child something to do in the morning 

From Tracy-Claire Ridpath

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Your elf could hide anywhere in the house..even the fridge

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

When life gives you lemons...

Pic credits: Steph Webster

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Maybe someone in your house might like an elf tattoo?

From Maz Limara Rowley 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

There's a few other ways he can keep himself busy...

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

He might even be a help around the house

Pic credits lgayter

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

 Or there are other ways to build a snowman like this with cotton wool...

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

And if all else fails...

Pic credit Crafty Morning via Courtney Boles

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

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