GRAMMAR School pupils have been threatened with exclusion if they share a recording of a senior teacher ranting at his tutor group.

Students at Poole Grammar have been warned they will be ordered to leave for five days if they are found in possession of a five-minute recording featuring Head of Religion and Philosophy James Randall.

Mr Randall is heard bellowing at 13 and 14-year-old boys after hearing they misbehaved while he was away on a school trip to Italy with other students.

Oxford University-educated Mr Randall started his address to the class in a low voice before screaming: “You have made me look stupid” and giving them a slow round of applause.

He accused the group of causing “a huge amount of trouble”, said they have let him down and described their behaviour as “foolish, immature and disappointing.”

When one boy intervened, claiming it was his fault for “asking a silly question” Mr Randall refused to allow him to take the blame and told the class they should take “collective responsibility.”

He then told them they would be banned from their classroom during breaks and lunch times for a week and added: “The only reason I am not treating you any worse is that on Friday you were OK - well done.”

During the address, Mr Randall pointed out that escorting a school trip is “quite stressful - it is not a holiday” and stressed he never takes time. “Even when I am ill I am here” he said.

And he added: “A number of you, the moment I am out of the door, feel that this is your signal to revert to primary school children. Gentlemen, I am disgusted at you.”

Mr Randalls describes himself on Twitter as “Alleged teacher, blackguard, scoundrel, increasingly middle-aged geek, loudmouth.”

One student who was in the classroom said Mr Randall “absolutely lost it for a very minor case of messing around in class” and said threats to exclude anyone caught in possession of the recording are “a breach of their power.”

Mr Randall appears on website Rate My Teacher where he scores five stars out of five and is described as the “best teacher in the school.”

Other comments include: “Has been able to make RP a joy, as well as being able to give great life advice, including the words ‘don’t text a girl whilst drunk’.”