FASHION giant Boohoo has launched a rather saucy range to spice up your Christmas.

The Burnley-based fashion brand is selling specially designed 'festive nipple covers' – made to look like Christmas wreaths and they have even got jingle bells on.

The nipple covers are made up of green and red pom-poms decorated with tinsel.

Boohoo is also selling another party themed nipple cover with a Christmas present design. They cost £4 for a pair.

Boohoo was criticised this summer for its 'over sexualised' football-themed outfits.

It was also slammed on social media for a sexist money off offer for women during the World Cup.

Staff at the huge Boohoo warehouse in Burnley benefit from a range of perks including a restaurant, a gym and a yoga studio.

If you do invest, then Boohoo recommends that you perform a skin test 24 hours before wear and that you don't wear them for over eight hours – just in case you were planning on wearing them all day on December 25.

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