Ryanair has brought in new hand luggage rules.

The airline, which flies from Southend Airport, has made the changes which come in affect from today.

What is the new rule?

Passengers who have not bought priority boarding will only be able to bring on board a small carry-on bag, not a wheeled suitcase.

If you don't have priority boarding, you will need to check your wheeled suitcase in at the airport for £8 if purchased at booking, or £10 on the day.

However, the size of the non-wheeled bag you can take onboard has increased from 35cm x 20cm x 20cm to 40cm x 25cm x 20cm.

What was the previous rules?

Before today, you could bring on board one standard-sized wheelie bag plus a small carry-on free of charge.

However, only those with priority boarding where allowed to take them into the cabin with them. Those without had to have them tagged on the gate and put in the hold. This was causing delays as ground staff then had to load them onto the plane.

What if I now turn up with a wheelie bag at the gate without priority boarding?

The airline will not let you board with the wheelie bag and you will have to pay up to £25 at the gate to have it tagged and put in the hold.

Is priority boarding worth it?

It costs £6 each way and allows you to take a wheelie bag, plus one small carry-on.

Only 95 out of 189 passengers on a plane are allowed to buy priority boarding.

If you don't buy it, you will have to pay between £16 and £20 return for your bag to go into the hold.