A MOTHER is concerned for her child’s welfare after a snake had to be captured from outside her block of flats.

Police in Whitefield were called to Shorecliffe Rise in Radcliffe when a python was spotted slithering out from a grid.

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The reptile, named Cilla, belongs to a resident of the Shorecliffe Rise apartment complex. She had been missing from her home for two weeks after escaping from her owner’s balcony. Owner and snake have since been reunited.

However, fellow resident Natasha-ann Galloway, says she is alarmed that a snake was found ‘lingering’ in the area.

The 21-year-old said: “I have a two-year-old daughter who plays in the grass area nearby with other children.

“Anything could have happened. She could have been hurt, strangled, especially because she is so small.

“The snake had escaped and had been lingering in the area for two weeks.

“It took two men to pull it out of the drain. I have only ever seen something like this living in a zoo.

“I know a lot of people are unhappy about a python living in our apartment block.

“A woman has been staying elsewhere because she is so disturbed that there is a snake in the building.”

Ms Galloway, who has lived in Shorecliffe Rise for three years, said the issue is due to be raised at the next residents committee meeting.

The reptile was captured by residents and an off duty police officer last Thursday, and taken into police custody while officers waited for Cilla to be collected.

PC Richard Garland from Whitefield police previously said: “We found the owner through the power of social media after he got in touch.

“The snake, which we had nicknamed Monty, had dropped from his balcony.

“The grate was in front of the premises so it’s probably gone down there because it’s dark and quiet.

“It has been missing for two weeks and for some reason decided to emerge. It was probably hungry.

“We turned up as they were putting it in the box and asked if they needed us to take over, but we were quite relieved when they wanted to finish the job.

“It was very docile and just curled up in the box.

“It’s a bit of a job with a difference, you don’t get this every day.

“We’re just glad Cilla has been reunited with her owner.”

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 details reptiles which are illegal to keep but pythons such as Cilla can be legally kept as pets.