A 15-YEAR-OLD Great Sankey boy has earned a place in Mensa after beating what is believed to be Einstein’s IQ score.

Advaith Singaravelu gained his place in the prestigious society after scoring an astonishing 161 out of 162 on the test.

Advaith, a pupil at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, has already sat his maths GCSE a year early and gained a grade nine, the equivalent of an A*.

Accompanied by his dad and brother, the Year 11 pupil travelled to the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool to sit the exam in March.

Consisting of two separate assessments, the first test examines verbal reasoning skills while the second is solely made up of diagrams and images to assess visual and spatial logic.

The IQ examination helps define a person’s cognitive ability and places in Mensa are allocated if you are able to score in the top two per cent of the UK population’s score.

Advaith has chosen maths, further maths, physics and chemistry for his A-levels and is considering medicine as a career.

He said: “Some of the testing was quite time intensive but the second part was pretty easy.”

Advaith said his favourite subjects at school are maths and English literature and in addition to his studies, he enjoys playing piano, tennis and watching football.

Pranav, who is in year 8 at Altrincham Grammar, was also given the opportunity to sit the test on the day.

Despite only being 13 years old, Pranav scored 156, which meant he also gained place in Mensa.

Advaith and Pranav’s mum Suganthi, 45, said: “I’m very proud of both of my son’s for scoring so highly in their IQ tests.

“Both Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawkins were expected to score 160 but they didn’t take an IQ test.”

Pranav, who plays for Warrington Cricket Club, was advanced a year in primary school because of his academic ability.

Think you have what it takes to secure a place in Mensa? Here are a few puzzles to test yourself.

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7-8 correct answers: Excellent – you may be eligible to join Mensa.

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