A tweet that details how a woman should respond if she is faced with unwanted male attention or sexism has gone viral.

If you have ever been spoken over, dismissed, or been made to feel uncomfortable by a man, you might have just let it go in order to keep the peace or out of fear.

But a woman under the username of @vegbby has taken to Twitter to detail simple, concise points that should be used to shut down unwanted sexism.

Here is her tweet:

The responses she details are:

1. You interrupted me. I’m not finished talking.

2. No

3. That isn’t funny

4. That isn’t appropriate

5. I already know that

6. That won’t be necessary

7. Leave me alone

8. You’re making me uncomfortable

9. Stop ignoring what I’m saying

Model Chrissy Teigan responded and the tweet has now gone viral, getting hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes, inspiring women to stand up to oppressive male behaviour.

Many other women took to Twitter to say that women shouldn't need a list because the behaviour be happening anyway.

So what do you think? Is it important to talk about this? Especially during the current Hollywood scandals…