Today is the day to get rid of all those friends who we don’t really like on social media.

Maybe they are a bit extreme, maybe they share too many statuses about their “perfect” relationship. Today’s the day to finally say goodbye.

It is National Unfriend Day, when we're encouraged to spring-clean our social media accounts in search for peace and contentment.

The day is the creation of American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who first proposed the idea in 2010.

It is to remember the true meaning of friendship for removing those we don't consider ‘real’ friends.

It’s the perfect time just before Christmas to start the social media cull to be refreshed going into the new year.

Have a look at some of these reasons people have unfriended someone.

What reasons have you had for unfriending someone? Did they talk too much about their political views? Too many cat videos (Because yes there can be too many)? Too many holiday boasts? Add your comments below.