A CYCLE repair workshop in Skipton is in the finals of Best Bike Shop 2020 in the Singletrack magazine readers’ awards.

Stuart Rider, who runs Riders Cycle Centre at the Sidings Business Park, off Engine Shed Lane, has been nominated for an award for the third time in six years.

Stuart, who cycles to and from his work from his home in Foulridge six days a week, said: “I opened my workshop in 2012. Redundancy paid the rent for a few months and a supportive partner, Jade, helped support me whilst I built a business webpage and social media site. Soon I was cleaning and servicing bikes, earning some money to buy parts which then meant I could repair bikes and earn a little more money.

“Things have changed over the years. Retail and customers’ expectations have changed considerably and bike shops have had to adapt. Riders Cycle Centres did that and has flourished.

"As well as fixing and repairing bikes, building wheels and upgrading parts and components I also offer many other services. Sometimes customers just want some simple advice or support. Choosing parts can be complicated and often confusing. I can help.

“I am currently promoting my YouTube channel “Riders Cycle Centre”. As well as a few self produced cycling and mechanic videos, I am launching some online cycle training videos. Lots of riders train indoors during the winter and also during these lockdown periods. I have made several indoor and online videos for you to train to in the comfort of your own home.

"I also do a lot of things behind the scenes. Supporting and promoting our sport is vital. Kids and adults need to be healthy. Families need to spend time with each other having fun. Riders, racers, explorers and weekend warriors need encouragement, inspiration and support and bike shops big or small are at the heart of it.

"There are few childhood toys that now as adults, we can still play with. Bikes are the exception. That’s why we have such affection and get such enjoyment from our bikes. Childhood memories for freedom and fun just come flooding back."