FIRE crews from Skipton have rescued a Harris hawk which became tangled high up in a tree in grounds of Brooklands School.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Taylor was called to the site after a caretaker noticed the bird of prey this morning.

The officer quickly determined that help was needed and called the fire brigade.

The hawk was a captive bird and was tangled by her jesses - the leather straps tied around their feet.

The officer said she kept falling upside down and they were concerned she would be injured.

"The owner of the Harris hawk was located and also attended the scene. The hawk had been missing since the previous day and the owner had been out frantically looking for her.

"The bird was so high that ladders were not suitable so the fire and rescue skylift was called to attend. The owner went up with fire crew, It was extremely difficult with the overhanging branches but with perseverance they finally reached the hawk which was cut free. She fell a distance and then got caught on a lower branch. The fire officer retrieved her and held her safe until her owner came to her aid.

"The stunning hawk was uninjured and went home with her owner for some rest and TLC. The fire and rescue team was amazing as always. A huge thank you to all involved."