SCOUT groups across Craven and Pendle and are helping raise money for fellow groups who have found themselves struggling with income during the pandemic.

A spokesman for the Scout movement, whose chief scout is Bear Grylls, said some groups around the UK have said they are struggling to pay their bills and even keep the lights on.

“We can’t afford for that to happen that’s why we’ve launched an epic new challenge – our Race Round the World,” he said.

“We’re asking everyone across Pendle and Craven to travel a mile or more (or do a project at home) and get sponsored for it.

“Miles will be added to the total and help us get the 43,000 miles round the world.

“It’s about a lot of us, doing a little, to make a massive difference..”

Four teams made up of cubs, beavers, scouts and EN+ shown on the website are racing each other to see who can be the first to travel the 43,000 miles to get round the world.

“Everyone who takes part will be following our route at least once, though we’re encouraging everyone to take on as many miles as they can manage.”

Anyone who can help can donate directly or travel a sponsored mile , anyway they like, and support the movement in its mission to save its struggling groups.

To sign up and for more information on how to raise money go to: