Kirkby-in-Malhamdale Primary School has launched a new virtual community group for under- fives and their families.

Run by the school’s Early Years specialist teacher, Julie Middleton, KiMCom is aimed at all pre-schoolers, their parents and carers and offers imaginative, exciting activities, information and support. It’s online for the time being but once pandemic restrictions allow, the school aims to use its beautiful outdoor Forest area as a base for the group.

KiMCom has a dedicated, private Facebook Live group, where music teacher Sally-Anne Brown will run fun, age-appropriate sessions.

The group is open to all families in the area, not just those who attend, or will attend, the school.

Headteacher Richard Wright said: “During the pandemic we have noticed how families with very young children are at risk of becoming isolated in a rural area such as ours. Social groups and support networks have been whittled away which has prompted us to set up KiMCom to fill the void.

“We are lucky to have talented early years and musical specialists on our staff who are so enthusiastic about reaching out to younger children and families and offering these free fun sessions along with opportunities for mums and dads to network. We are also fortunate in having spacious and stunning outdoor facilities which means that when the time is right we can host appropriate activities and act as a hub for young families.”

For more information see and to join the KiMCom Facebook group please see KiMCOM – Kirkby-in-Malhamdale UVA Primary School Community Group.