THE clock on Settle Town Hall is back to full working order again after an extended rest.

The clock was part of the town hall when it was built in 1832 and for many years gave trouble free and reliable time for the citizens of Settle. Sadly it has not been able to carry out its intended function for some time and a decision was made to have it looked at and repaired.

A partnership between Settle Town Council and Marshall Taylor Properties have been working together and have found the funds to have the clock mended.

In future the clock the clock will be delivering the right time all the time and not just twice a day.

Settle Town Clerk Rebecca Hill said: “Parish councils started in 1894 and powers to create village clocks were important back then because not everyone had a watch.

“It is nice to see the 1832 Settle clock continuing to provide the time for the town even in this digital age. The Town Council is grateful to Marshall Taylor for assisting in bringing the clock back to life.”