With reference to the photographs of the steam engine charter trains in recent weeks in the Craven Herald, the photograph of the Jubilee Class no 45562 named Alberta in particular, your readers may be interested in the following details of the Jubilee class of steam engines.

William Stanier came from the Great Western Railway to be chief mechanical engineer of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) with effect from January 1, 1932.

His mandate was to provide a range of standard steam locomotives having the least possible number of classes that could cover the operating requirements over the whole system.

In 1934 the first of the 4.6.0 three cylinder locos were built. They were not a success. The boiler did not produce enough steam so Stanier got to work and redesigned the taper boiler with more superheating tubes. The new boilers could produce ample steam - 225 psi.

The production run totalled 191 engines. In 1935 King George V celebrated his silver jubilee so the LMS decided to name a new loco to mark the occasion. 5552 was named Silver Jubilee. The paint job on the loco was shiny black with chrome plated number and LMS and various fittings.

The 191 locos from then on became known as the Jubilee class numbers 5552 to 5742.

It was decided to name all the class, starting with 5552 Silver Jubilee, then 86 empire names, 39 admirals eight sea battles 44 ships of the line, eight early names and finally the four provinces of Ireland.

Four Jubilees have been preserved - 5593 Kolharpur, 5596 Bahamas, 5690 Leander and 5699 Galatea. After nationalisation in 1948, 40000 was added to the LMS numbers. (4)5637 Windward Islands was wrecked in the Harrow and Wealdstone disaster in October 1952.

Leeds Motive Power Depot, at Holbeck had a number of Jubilees based there. In 1945 22 were there. Holbeck closed in 1967 but continued as a diesel depot until October 1993.

45562 Alberta was the last Jubilee to leave Holbeck depot in 1967. It hauled a special train from Bradford Exchange via Lancashire to Preston then to Carnforth over Shap to Carlisle, returning via the Settle and Carlisle line via Skipton to Leeds.

Someone wanted to buy a Jubilee Class loco. He could choose between 5562 Alberta and 5593 Kolhapur. He bought 5593 and 5562 was scrapped.

The Holbeck Jubilees were hauling the Anglo Scottish Expresses St Pancras to Glasgow and Edinburgh, also the Devonian Bradford to Paignton and Bradford Weymouth and Poole. Most of the class travelled in excess of one million miles in service.

Today Alberta is actually 5699 Galatea - renumbered and renamed according to my inquiries elsewhere.

Peter Bewes

Burnside Crescent