Recently I planted some spring bulbs in a public area, ready for next year.

Given the usual standard of grassed areas in new estates I filled three plastic bags with stones and builders' rubble. When I took these bags to a council waste disposal unit I was charged for the disposal of the rubble.

What should I do next time - fly-tip the waste? Not plant any bulbs for the enjoyment of passers-by?

It would have been understandable if I had had a tonne of mineral waste, but what if I wanted to get rid of a cracked loo seat or some old terracotta pots?

Given the amount of recycling that we are expected to do today and washing up tin cans, bottles and plastic pots all before we put them in the blue bin, surely this should more than pay for a rubble skip for residential waste? Otherwise, aren't we just encouraging flytipping?

Paul Emsley

Newton Way