THE YORKSHIRE Party is calling for the public to be consulted on different types of devolution, instead of just being asked their views on the Government’s proposals for mayors.

The Party believes the public should be given the choice of OneYorkshire devolution, with a parliamentary model.

Yorkshire Party leader, Bob Buxton, said: “It’s hardly public consultation when the choices have been narrowed down to just one. Neither is it true devolution when it’s been decided by central government.

“We believe the people of Yorkshire would welcome OneYorkshire devolution with a parliamentary model, which brought serious powers closer to the people of Yorkshire. Let’s hear their views on that option.”

The Yorkshire Party also opposes Government plans to abolish smaller district councils and the county council in North Yorkshire and replace them with two large unitary authorities. Dr Buxton serves on Rawdon Parish Council and works in Bradford teaching engineering apprentices. He became party leader in May 2020 and the Party’s candidate for the West Yorkshire Mayor in August 2020.